Today I speak with my wife Alicia Carr that has be traveling the world speaking about Women in technology as well as diversity and her journey in becoming a coder at 51 years old.  I sit her down to talk about her latest experience as well as how she is getting her message out to people around the world. Also her latest trip is in London England where I joined her to do a keynote at the BCS chartered institute for IT.

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 My Mission (Alicia Carr)

One of my life’s goal and mission is to EMPOWER women. I have learned that we are the same with our struggles and I don’t want to see color. I see women, and women all over the world are going through problems they shouldn’t have to whether its in tech or through life.  I also see, as people, as women, we are one. When women struggle, we all struggle.




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Today I get into a product I felt I needed, to track my sleep habits as well as incorporate comfort and warmth when I sleep.  The Eight Sleep tracker is a mattress cover that tracks the whole bad (two sides to accommodate two people) sleep patterns (awake, lite sleep, deep sleep Rem sleep) into an app that has great summaries and detail to improve your sleep.  It also is a comfortable mattress pad with a heater incorporated.  Here's my review because I had to order a new one.


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A sensor layer that fits over any mattress and instantly turns your bed into a smart bed. Review your sleep data, use the dual zone warming feature for an extra cozy bed, connect to almost any wifi-enabled device in your house


Since Alicia is so much of a dinosaur fan, We had to go see Jurassic world on the release week.  This is the third iteration of the Jurassic series and the second part of the Jurassic world series.  Looking forward to another fun and exciting Jurassic movie we go in very excited.



Alicia gets a chance to speak at the UK BCS conference in London and we get to tour the city With our new best Friends.  Charolette, her father Paul and Gen Ashley. We discuss her experience as a keynote speaker and how her talks have evolved in order to get people motivated and involved with women, minorities and young people with technology. Alicia lets us know her thoughts and feelings about the experience.



BCS brings together practitioners, academics, students and businesses in the UK and internationally. With our network of 100+ specialist and regional groups it’s easy to make new contacts and share discussion and ideas with like-minded people, whatever your area of interest.



Catching up on the political topics of the day.  The guys come together to talk about crazy topics such as Tariffs, Space force and effecting the relationships with our allies.  We talk about the how the administration is allegedly effecting jobs, people with MBA's not getting hired and the Trump voters correlation with opioid use.  We also hit the media again with how they have failed the public with their reporting and the Muslim ban and Is it racist

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We close this week out with two very well developed releases by Jay Rock (Redemption) and ASAP Rocky (Testing).  So unique in their way that we left them for last so we would be able to spend the time to highlight and showcase their talent.  Very good listen.

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I sit down today with my Grandson Marsalis after we both watched the 2nd season of Lemony Snicket "A series of unfortunate events" series on Netflix.  He was so excited by it , that I decided to bring this 9 year olds perspective of what he saw and go over the series 1 and 2 from a childs perspective.  I enjoyed this interaction, Hope you will too.




When a massive fire kills their parents, three children are delivered to the custody of cousin and stage actor Count Olaf, who is secretly plotting to steal their parents' vast fortune.



Sean and I go through a short review of some releases in June that may have been overlooked because of the massive amount of big names releasing something almost as a competition on who's who and whats better.  We review the "Freddie" from Freddie Gibbs and "Streams of Thought, vol 1, by Black Thought.

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