This episode, the team continues with our initial talk about the political stories of the week but leads us into the supreme court ready to debate the gerrymandering issue and the tragedy that is Puerto Rico

October 23, 2017

Madeline Edibles

Madeline started her edible entrepreneur journey with the "Sink or Swim" Method based on several things going on in her life. Since her jump, its been no looking back. We get in depth about the path and challenges that comes with this brand new industry in Ga, and how Madeline's plans to create an Industry name for herself.


Sean and I review one of the best rap groups in Hip Hop history.  The Wu-Tang-Clan.  This new release snuck up on me because I didn't hear the buzz but Sean wanted to give the Wu their own time for a review.  We talk about the Wu, older groups and artist that haven't been out recently.  


Colour:  Clear with a light green hue.
Aroma:  Delicate stone fruit aromas. 
Taste:  A melange of tropical fruit with elegant
pear and guava flavours followed by floral notes.                                                                                                      

Medium- bodied and well-balance with a lingering aftertaste.

Maturation potential: The wine is ready to drink now,
but will develop further over the next two years.

Food pairing: Excellent served with starters, vegetable dishes
and salads, seafood, poultry and pâtés


This  episode the team starts this 3 part episode with a world and country in uncertainty.  We speak to the issues our president has made issues out of petty squabbles and Ego driven decisions.  Here's part 1


Today Alicia and I went to the movies to see Blade Runner 2049.  We are such fans of Denis Villeneuve that I had to see this movie regardless of the reviews and ratings.  The day before we sat down and watched the original Blade Runner with the main protaganist Harrisson Ford.  This one stars Ryan Gosling as the new Blade runner hunting older replicants trying to stop a potential PR disaster with the way replicants and humans see their reality.  This is such an interesting movie.  See what we think about it.  You might be interested the way we both see it.


We continue our Political turmoil Podcast with multiple threats that keeps us on our toes and more involved in our communities.  We touch the Democratic party lack of clear leadership.  Local resources, The threat of imminent war with North Korea and thoughts of the political climate that makes us so unsure of our place in the world.

October 15, 2017

Rapsody & Jhene Aiko Part II

Part 2 of our music podcast, Sean and I go in on  Female rapper Rapsody.  We are amazed by the talent she shows and how the production allowed her to highlight her skills and tell the stories you don't normally hear from many rappers out now and especially a female hip hop artist. 

October 13, 2017

Sparkling Wines

Today I try a few sparkling wines from 3 different countries.  Maybe not the best of the best but the options some people do not even know exist.    I highlight Prosseco, Cava, and Sparkling Riesling (Sekt) Ladies and gentleman we have other options.  (see the video)  And stop calling them Champagne!!!


This episode of M3, Chaz and I talk about the high cost of the two popular "Smart Phone" makers and why you should look at others based on price and breaking away from the status quo.  We bring back our Myth busters and talk about our experience with tech and how it effects us.   


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