On this episode of Hidden G.E.M (Great entrepreneur  movement) we will be speaking to one of those great and engaging entrepreneurs I have know for years, Robin Jackson.

Robin is inactive participant in her community with so many things, but we wanted to start with her business in Fairburn Georgia.  The Five star tax agency LLC. An amazing tax preparation service serving the city of Fairburn and the surrounding communities.  This podcast is about Robin and what we believe she brings to people as an activist and the community as a business owner.


Tonight Chaz and I discuss investments people can look at as an alternative to savings accounts. We discuss stocks, mutual funds, money markets, CD's and just options other than sitting your money in an account that will only give you less than 0.5%.   Some of the Welcome to the wall crew joins us to discuss financial options early in their life.


On our first inaugural episode for Hidden G.E.M's, we are speaking to Pamela J. Booker, the CEO and Founder of Koils by Nature. Our goal is to highlight and recognized entrepreneurs that are doing more than pushing a product or providing service.  These Great entrepreneurs are uplifting communities and people at the same time.

See the video interview on YouTube under Bougie Black brother network.


Today Chaz and I  return to our financial series with revisiting plans we helped Jermey with on our last Financial episode.  The major long term goals we had Jermeey addressing were A new bank account, a credit card and what would be his new living arrangement (purchase and renting).  We get something totally unexpected but hold on to hope that our advice would not fall on deaf ears.


Today Chaz and I talk about the importance of healthy eating and working with a budget that would not kill your paycheck. We talk about bulk shopping (Sam's, Costco's, B.J's) and Organic buying with specialty markets (farmers markets, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Fresh Market).  With the fast pace of millineals in this era.  They need options in order to budget their paycheck, reduce the chance of getting sick and how do you add eating to your enjoyment.


Simpler Wines combines the convenience of a can with a delightfully, Italian vino frizzante (sparkling wine). In Simpler Wines White, notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs provide sweet sippability, complementing such savory pairings as fresh bread & olives or Parmigiano Reggiano. The elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors of Simpler Wines Rosé are a natural fit for fresh pasta, seafood or sweets.

This wine isn't anything I would normally drink but the hoopla about it in Trader Joe's made me seek it out and give it a taste.  I actually drunk it and tried my best to pull out what I thought would be some kind of flavor.  Not quality, not aromas or real taste.  But a fair shot with this tasting.  


Charles Shaw is a brand of "extreme value", bargain-priced wine. ... These wines were introduced at Trader Joe's grocery stores in California at a price of $1.99 per bottle, earning the wines the nickname "Two Buck Chuck" and eventually sold 800 million bottles

Bright medium dusty garnet color. Bright, funky, fruity earthy toasty aromas of plums, black currants, toffee, and planked cedar with a crisp, dry full body and a warming, subtle, easy finish with firm, well-integrated tannins and moderate oak

July 3, 2017

Google I/O 2017 Review

This episode of Tech Talk we review the highlights and Alicia's visit during the Google I/O conference in Mountain View Ca.  Alicia compares the previous year's conference to the current one and highlights the standout issues she experienced.

Like always we break off topic comparing the other major players in their sector (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Facebook) with the products and innovations that came out during this conference.

June 18, 2017

Finances and Black Hair

This episode of CarWaxx we talk to a few ladies on how their hair is part of there everyday life and who they are.  But at the same time we talk about how ladies do what they have to do to balance that life and the personal decision on how they want their hair.  We talk about natural hair, weaves, extensions, et cetera. Also what impact does their hair choices impact their financial situation and societys reception of women of color who wear their natural hair.

Then, is there a market for women of color to capitalize on the huge billion dollar hair market, or is it something the corporate world and black society leaves in the hand of others?  And does this have  any effect on a woman self esteem?  Big question!!


On this Episode of our financial series, Chaz and I speak to Jeremy Jacobs a member from the group Welcome to the Wall .  This young gentleman from humble beginnings has achieved a lot in his life thus far to do better and be better.  His unique work experience and life experience lead us to add him into our discussion about handling your finances under different circumstances.  

Such as:

- Travel for your job                   -  Per diem
- Building relationships               -  Vehicle, Uber, Public Transportation
- Savings, investment                - Banking

A good discussion for young Millennials who work under different conditions


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