This big red blend is a new way to drink California wines. Perfect for gearing up for a night on the town, or a night at home the Kinamon Fox 2016 Zinfandel-Petite Sirah is a balanced and fun red. This wine is fruit forward in taste with big notes of ripe, dark fruits that play across your mouth during the long finish. 



From French wine magnate Bernard Magrez, this fresh and floral, Viognier-based French white is pure, elegant, and impeccably balanced on the palate. Serve it chilled and relish succulent notes of tangerine, honey, and kiwi, and a deep mineral streak.




Spanish Tempranillo towers over other reds thanks to its big notes of cherry and red berries, and its versatility with food—this medium-bodied wine is great with crowd-pleasing meals like pizza, tacos, and pasta. As an unaged Joven wine, 2017 Torre De Rejas Joven Tempranillo has an exciting sense of newness, which shines through in its fresh and fruity profile. 


I open this 2016 El Portal Syrah, a full-bodied California red that has a rich, dark purple color in the glass with big flavors of dark berries, and savory notes of pepper and olive. I’m trying as a chill out wine and possibly with grilling some steaks this afternoon which is the recommendation.  A subscription order wine with a price point of $10.00. 



Bear Hug Winemaker Select Chardonnay, California, Wine Insiders, $26.00.   This blend of styles produces a stylish and delicious Chardonnay, which has the classic flavors, but with a California twist.  It tastes like:  apple, ripe melon, nectarine, vanilla and toasty oak.  It is best served cold, around 45-50 degrees fahrenheit.  It pairs well with roast chicken, grilled veal and cream-based pastas.    Honeysuckle and peach, citrus.  Lime on the finish, green apple.



Fresh and zesty Sauvignon Blanc. Balanced and full Loin De L’oeil. Sparks fly when these French icons meet in every bottle of 2016 Princesse Joyeuse Vin Blanc, a refreshing white wine with flavors of gooseberry and citrus. This wine hails from Southwest France, the Wine Enthusiast 2017 Wine Region of the Year.

IMG_1142.jpg                     princesse_joyeuse.png


April 20, 2018

Presto Prosecco Brut

I finally get a chance to open this Prosecco up and have it with a spicy asian meal.  Because of the sparkling bubbly qualities, It tones down the spiciness and played well with the meal.  I talk about most of the qualities of the wine as well.


Glera is a white variety of grape of Slovenian origin, which was brought to the village of Prosecco (Slovene: Prosek) from Slovenia's Karst region. Glera was, until 2009, mostly referred to as Prosecco (Slovene: Prosekar). Glera is a rather neutral grape variety which is mainly cultivated for use in sparkling Italian wine styles,


 This week I had a taste for a smooth acidic Riesling.  Having a good Easter meal with Ham and sweet potatoes, this lovely riesling went so well with the meal that this Fritz Zimmer did a good job complementing it.  




(MOH zel zar ROO ver)—This dramatically beautiful region of western Germany produces exceptional white wines from the Riesling grape. Among the lightest in Germany, these wines usually contain less than 10% alcohol and they are generally delicate, fresh, and bursting with flavor. With its flowery tastes and aromas, Mosel Riesling is a great wine to drink in the spring. Look for the words


This low cost Cab was something I pulled out this wine just for a light meal.  Not my normal sit down type of Cab but a compliment and easy going with a meal.


This Lodi Cab is the proof, showcasing a lush, ripe style from a single estate vineyard.  Sweet red fruit, predominantly cherry with an undertone of raspberry, and some smoke. A bit spicy with a hint of oak.




This wine is lively with acacia and lemon flavors. These are complemented nicely by a touch of minerality. The wine is super as an aperitif, but will pair nicely with lighter white-wine foods. This Jacquere is a wonderful and low priced alternative for people who like to drink Sauvignon Blanc wines (and even Pinot Grigio wines)


 Jacquere is a clean and fresh alpine white grape variety grown in Savoie, France. The white wines of Jacquere are highly prized but traditionally hard to come by outside France. They are typically priced very reasonably in relation to their quality



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