For my special production/DJ series.  I sit down with the young Producer Tremel Copeland AKA Zuri of Zuri production.  I had to have a sit down with Tremel because of the many beats and production interludes we play during a lot of our podcast.  And I wanted to pick his brain and show recognition and gratitude for his talent  This is Part I

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March 21, 2018

Live DJ’s

*This is a repeat of an older review done by my brother and I from 2016*This episodes starts the series on Live DJ's that move crowds and not play music.  We talk to DJ Ant Live of Harlem and how he still does DJing with the classic 1200's and how true DJ's are still moving the crowds.  We do a round table with Ant Live and get his views on the art today.





Today as part of my Live DJ and beat maker series.  I sit down with my good friend Wayne Hosin aka DJ Migraine.  A popular and traditional DJ still doing the party to party thing and keeping the art of HipHop and party DJ'ing alive.  We sit down and discuss his path.  



DJ Migrane Music



On this first half of our music review, we go alternative, sideways, hiphop and whatever, when we take a listen to, two unique artist. We're talking J.I.D and Jaden Smith (will and Jada's son).  From creative approaches with their conceptual content to masterful production.  We start with Jaden smith  AKA Syre. Here's what we think.



This session Sean and I review the Gorillaz Humanz new release (plus a few youtube video's) Humanz (deluxe version).  This vitural english band has been doing alternative music since 1998.  with 4 animated members.  With a twist of what Genre we normally review this was a group I listen to in the past and Sean wanted a different feel to our review.  We finish the review with B.O.B one of our favorite rappers from Decatur Georgia with his new album Ether.  Two different artist/groups that we reviewed. 


This session we go through many of the World artist that influenced the US with their interpretation of our music as well as their own sound that we began to embraced and add to our brand of music.  My brother and I talk about a lot of them and how even MTV had a big part with introducing their music and how we started listening and seeing music. 


This session starts the conversation about our look at the Global music invasion that changed the outlook of the US as well as how the world became a part of our music community. Our preparation, thoughts and ideas are compiled to prepare for the actual session 


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