We talk about the political combine to select the right candidate for office. Comparing the qualification for an NFL player to the qualifications for a politician. Can we really be able to choose the right candidate? Then We touch the DOJ and the Republican red meat “Critical Race Theory”.


This session we ask the question, if you were the policy maker what would you do with the choices that are on the table right now. Chaz presents the business owner mind set to debate if adding employees is a good thing or increase your own available time.   Then its the debate about the minimum wage and does it really hurt small businesses?




The team returns to catch up on the hot topics over the last few weeks starting with the Corona virus and opinions on the vaccine and looking after more than just yourself. The gun violence narrative and defund the police raises its ugly head and then we swing it to unemployment, available employment and how the child care and child credit act will effect our society in the future.

guns_too_many_6fmeeq.jpg  CDC_af801.jpg


We ask the question, do you know who represents you and instead of complaining. what are you doing. We discuss the areas we live and and our experiences with the area representatives in the city and counties. oddly, we’re not doing enough.


Today the team talks about the no mask policy from the CDC. Are you ready or are you or will you take precaution?  We discuss the family aspect, resturants and what factors of this change will you give up or keep.


This segment  Of REPO, we discuss prior to the George Floyd verdict that there is way too many shootings again and the conditions post COVID restrictions may be an additional cause of police engagement.


The team talks about the issues the AAPI community is experiencing based on the climate created by TRUMP with the Corona virus origins.  We give Biden a grade on how he's been doing for his first 60 -90 days. Also we talk about the amount of news and alerts we are glued to recently or what fills our day other than Trump.


Welcome back to REPO where we set our sites on the new bills enacted in Georgia to restrict voters rights.  We talk about the impact historically as well as what it means to society and businesses if they stand on the outside not throwing their hat in the ring for their consumers and employees.


The team ends this 2 part session with our take on white supremacy and racism. We debate the way to deal with it and E coined a new phrase, "Tanks for Racist" Listen all the way through, because we end this session with a lively discussion on the merits of this policy similar to toys for tots.




Happy New year!!This is Repo's fourth year and we start this year with confusion and relief.  The team gets together with a rapid fire recap of the events from the recount, insurrection and the inability of the democrats to fight back.  This 2 part session starts the year off with our thoughts pinging off the walls and microphones.  


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