So I jumped out here and brought me and my buddy this Wine opening accessory and thought this would be cool to try out.  Even though the Better business bureau had a few complaints about it.  One of my viewers asked were there an easy way of opening up wine bottles and something I could recommend.  I'm ole school but I thought I would try this product because it looked pretty cool.  


We’re back!!! we took some time off to take care of life but what a time to be back!! Alicia and I waited to see this truck so we can see how creative Elon was. We never thought he would make a vehicle like this!!! Of course we give our crazy opinions out on this Truck and review some things some of you haven’t actually took in consideration (the zombie apocalypse) here’s our thoughts

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We finish our two part series about the many questions people keep asking us about EV's.  We close out with some simple financial options everyone should think about to see if they are truly able to purchase and maintain a Tesla or an EV vehicle.  

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This two part series talks about the many questions people keep asking us over and over again about the many misconceptions out there about EV in the market and coming to the market.  Not just the Tesla we drive but we try to cover from range anxiety to charging options.


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Alicia and I talk about the new security system Tesla downloaded this year called Sentry. A great security system that utilizes the cameras to record activity around the car while you not around the car. We speak to a few features that most cars do not have.


This episode I grab a few accessories at once and install all together.  Its the rear Tesla 3 emblem scuff plates, the chrome foot pedals and foot rest as well as the front Tesla emblem puddle lights.  A nice couple of additions to the already amazing and sexy looking car.





Continuing from our last episode. We all purchased the USB lights for the rear seats from RPM Tesla. Now this was easy peasy lemon squeezy. The great thing about this was, you can select your own color based on your interior or just the car in particle. Nice touch





This week since I began highlighting my M3 with red accessories. I decided to change the front under the dash ambient lighting to red bulbs. These are made by RPM Tesla which I have purchased many other accessories from.  Matching the mats and everything else I thought this would be another exciting addition to the car.




Welcome to our first introduction to our YouTube show/podcast of our experience with being Black people owning a Tesla. It became an odd experience running in to people of multiple races asking how did you get a Tesla or why do you have a Tesla. So we decided to add this to part of our podcast network to answer questions and just talk about how owning this car and being part of the Tesla family has changed our life

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