Today we talk a little on Kanye busting on stage once again to disrupt the news feed while thinking about how people with mental illness can effect other peoples lives.  We also jump ready into the fear of not having your voice heard by not being able to vote.



This week we have different conversation about leadership in the black community compared to the 60’s and now. Has activism changed based on the people or is it because of social media and the class divide among African Americans?

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April 30, 2020

Tiger King (Netflix)

 So, this looked like it was going to be some silly animal activist redneck documentary that wasn't worth my time.  But some how, I started hearing about this guy Joe exotic that was plotting to kill people. So I sat down and decided to grin and bear this crazy so called king of the tigers.  Boy was I blown away.  It actually was so huge I wanted more.  Here's my take on this Netflix documentary of Joe Exotic, the Tiger King.



This episode a question is raised on with the different generations that lived through World Wars, Vietnam, Civil rights and assassinations. What will Millennials be remembered for other than avocado toast as well as entitlement during a time when chaos inner nation is overwhelming.




The team recaps issues over the last few weeks about impeachment, Democratic candidates and issues that are really getting under our skin. We touch the outrageous things that occurred this year. The numerous gaffs by Trump, Giuliani and his antics. And you already know tangents are required not optional.



December 26, 2019

Queen & Slim

This amazing love story layered with police violence and Black pride is a must see modern modified Bonnie and Clyde story without the gratuitous violence just for the hell of it. The writing, directing and acting was amazing.

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The team goes backwards and talk about the candidates that are going up in the polls, dropping out of the polls and who is the person anyone can subscribe to. The focus really is on the people of color that aren’t doing well. And sadly how Kamala Harris imploded.

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We get back into the the racist policies that seems to be increasing in the United States and abroad. We speak about Trumps team and sort of compare his legacy to George Bush’s presidency. Its hard not to see the bias of the Trumps administration.

Then we drop into defining Racism, White nationalism and White supremacy. We actual speak to experience and continuous dangerous intent to eliminate people of color and demeaning women.



The Netflix series by Ava Duvenay about the tragedy inflicted on young teenagers named the Central Park Five.  This reenacted series about five young boys wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park back in 1989.  A 5 part series that spans the years they were convicted to 14+ years being exonerated of the crime.  Its a brutal view of the people of the justice system and the racist system that still exist today.  A very emotional series that is a must see for people who respects justice.


Growing up as big fans of the Japanese Kaiju movies. Godzilla and his bad of monsters were always our favorite afternoon or Saturday movie time. So after the newest reboot of Godzilla. Alicia and I made sure we would support one of our favorite characters. This time this is a adaption of the movie Ghidorah the 3 headed monster. Not to be confused with the out right brawl of Destroy all monsters.




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