Since we are in this Corona lock down, I had time to go back to 2019 and bring forward some beat makers,  producers that I didn't get time to touch.  One guy I was enjoying for a few years is Mndsgn (Mind Design) a Philippine, Jersey living, Cali living producer. I got caught up with his style once I listened to his 2014 release Yawn Zen.   Labeled under electronic, not really hip hop with his early releases. This latest release Snaxx has recovered beats from a hard drive that was supposed to be a full release from a 2018 mix tape.  I compare his music discography from then to now.

yawn_zen.jpg    snaxx.jpgmndsgnfeelb6b2t.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

After seeing the first season of Altered Carbon. I was ver interested in seeing where the next season would go and If they even considered making another one. So what did Netflix give us. A second season and an Anime production. So, I debated if I should see both. I decided, What the Heck. I’ll see both. I was very disappointed with one of them.


 Today I sit down and watch the second season of Netflix original series Kingdom. I couldn't wait to see the second season for this and it was another 6 part series. Once again a great fantasy period piece. Also did I say their were running zombies in here?


After a few months Hiatus, the team gets together to discuss the Covd19 pandemic. We talk education, awareness and information. We also speak to how it affects us personally. With the dangers being put out there. We debate what our thoughts are during this crises.


December 3, 2019

Shadow Netflix (Chinese)

 We sit down and binged watched a few Asian films after seeing the movie Parasite and this Chinese epic piece showed up on my radar for suggestions on Netflix.  A secret plot with an ongoing war between two kingdoms comes to a head when one empire decide to use deception to gain power of the other with a hidden secret within their own camp.



November 28, 2019

Parasite (Korean)

This Korean drama was awarded and praised at the Cannes film festival by the great Korean director Bong Joon Ho.  This was something I knew I wanted to see but wasn't sure if Alicia would be able to keep up with subtitles.  This film turned out to be an amazing lesson in the differences of class, privilege and suspense.  This movie was laid out so well that you never knew would would be next.  An extraordinary piece of art.


This was odd. I decided to sit down and watch the 36 chambers of Shaolin series because the Wu Tang clan is out with their documentary. So to get a feel of what they based their group premise on. I sat and watched these movies in order.

  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

  • Return to the 36th chamber

  • Disciples of the 36th Chamber

  • Shaolin vs. Wu tang



shaolin2.jpg  shaolin3.jpg



I sit down and watch number 3 of the continued series about the famed Detective Dee. This one gets right back into the supernatural realm to solve the mystery of being falsely accused of treason.

Accused of wrongdoing by Empress Wu, Detective Dee faces a formidable foe while investigating a crime wave that's marked by strange and seemingly supernatural occurrences

Dee_3.jpg Dee_2.jpg 

March 28, 2019

Revenger (Netflix)

So..... this Netflix original is all about revenge of course. An ex cop whose family was killed by a gangster that was sent to a  criminal prison on an island.  Finds his way to the island to exact his revenge. Along the way he encounters other crimminals that are at war with each other while he attempts to find the murderer. Korean action drama. 


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