If you have been following Alicia and I, you know we love Tesla and mostly everything they do.a year ago we agreed to be an all electric family, whether it was another Tesla or not. But when we saw the Model Y being introduced. We wondered if this was our next car or would we wait on someone else. Well, here’s our answer.

The long awaited Model Y

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So Alicia and I was watching social media and a lot of stuff popping up with sports figures and entertainment people. It was a surprise when we saw the Lebron James commercial then what he had in his garage. Here’s our thoughts


Today Alicia and I talk about what we want as our next electric vehicle. As owners of a Model 3, It was time to stop sharing and let the Lexus go. I get to drive a Model S P85 for the day because of my M3 is getting the chip upgrade. This is what we found out.


December 11, 2019

Ford vs. Ferrari

Because Alicia loves fast cars. We had to go see this historic racing movie with Matt Damon and Christian Bale. An amazing movie about two great racers that Helped Ford when the worlds famous race. The 24 hour LeMans!!!



We finish our two part series about the many questions people keep asking us about EV's.  We close out with some simple financial options everyone should think about to see if they are truly able to purchase and maintain a Tesla or an EV vehicle.  

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This two part series talks about the many questions people keep asking us over and over again about the many misconceptions out there about EV in the market and coming to the market.  Not just the Tesla we drive but we try to cover from range anxiety to charging options.


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Since Alicia is a big fan of the fast and Furious series.  I begrudgingly dragged myself to see this smash and race movie.  The best thing about this movie going into it was not having Vin Diesel in the film.  So we prepared ourself for better or for worst.  


Alicia sits down and gives her opinion on an article written by a male journalist about why women does not like or favor the Tesla.  Alicia shares her experience as a Tesla owner, Tesla advocate and the obvious.  Being a woman who likes Teslas.  These are her thoughts. 


August 21, 2019

Stuber (2019)

Since it’s summer there are a few comedies that are being released that usually standout for the year. This one we thought would be one of them so went went out to see this new buddy film (cop/ civilian) trying to catch some bad guys in California. When a Uber driver Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) picks up a angry half blind detective (Dave Bautista). Stu becomes the eyes of the detective to find a notorious gang leader that killed his partner.


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