You should already know I’m a fan of Lupe. The last time I’ve heard anything from him was “Drogas Wave” in 2018. Very deep. and worth the listen just for the historic and spiritual side. But this EP attracted me because of the production by Kaelin Ellis which always grabs my attention. And of course the lyrical genius of Lupe. Outside of that take a listen to the commentary by Virgil Abloh as well. Pretty damn good.


kaelin_ellisak7rm.jpg  lupe.jpg

Today we talk a little on Kanye busting on stage once again to disrupt the news feed while thinking about how people with mental illness can effect other peoples lives.  We also jump ready into the fear of not having your voice heard by not being able to vote.



Sooooo, Sean and I enjoyed the Future and Juicewrld collaboration last year and really didn’t know what Juicewrld would actually do for his next solo since the collab was such a success. Well this Death race thing came out and Sean laughed at me for about 10 min. We have our opinion and this is what we got.juice2.jpg   juice3.jpg

December 17, 2018

Mick Jenkins - Pieces of a man

We jump into this Alabama breed, Chicago raised artist who is a combination Poet/Rapper and check out his new release: Pieces of a man.  An interesting release during this Hip Hop era.  But with the influence of Chance the rapper, Vic Mensa, I waited to see what this artist would bring after his critically acclaimed "The Water" release.  

Mick_J2.jpg Mick_J3.jpg


December 12, 2018

Widows (the movie)

Alicia and I go to see one of our favorite actress, two upcoming black males and the amazing director Steve McQueen. This movie Widows was based on an 80’s British TV series that was rewritten by Steve and McQueen and Gillian Flynn (gone girl, sharp objects, Dark places) mixed review of this movie.

Widows1.jpg  widows2.jpg widows3.jpg

A police shootout leaves four thieves dead during an explosive armed robbery attempt in Chicago. Their widows -- Veronica, Linda, Alice and Belle -- have nothing in common except a debt left behind by their spouses' criminal activities. Hoping to forge a future on their own terms, Veronica joins forces with the other three women to pull off a heist that her husband was planning.

This week we continue with our second half of our trap music review from Quavo to the new collaboration with the OG Future with his new collaboration release with the Chi town rapper Juice WRLD. What a different perspective we share with this release by Future. We also relive his previous releases that got us here.



This week we jump into the trap music game with Quavo from the amigos and the OG Future with his new collaboration release with the Chi town rapper Juice WRLD. We start off with your boy Quavo which we kinda knew was on his way based on the Quality Control mega releases for this year. We get into Quavo’s touch into the big charts.



These two artist presented a totally different presentation of what they wanted to release. Wayne letting people know I still got it and Lupe with I know I fucked up so let me get back to delivering the art he knew he could put out and not copy the mainstream rap industry. Sean and I exam these two artist two releases with our owe bias and critique. We start with Lupe

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We jump into the 3rd installment of the Kanye production month with the release of "Kids see Ghost".  The collaboration with Kanye and Kid Cudi on their 7 track release.  Since we are fans of Kid Cudi, we absolutely have our opinion of what we think of the overall production.


July 1, 2018

Kanye West “Ye”

As this is Kanye's month (June).  We start with his solo release Ye!  Even tho the album covers says,"I hate being bi-polar - its awesome".  Somebody is still a fan and somebody is done with his sh*t!!  But we both know that he is still one of the best producers out now.  we break it down!!


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