Today we talk a little on Kanye busting on stage once again to disrupt the news feed while thinking about how people with mental illness can effect other peoples lives.  We also jump ready into the fear of not having your voice heard by not being able to vote.



The team returns and gets into the impact of the Stimulus checks. How will our economy adjust and will our country collapse soon with the more we charge to the federal credit card. Also, should some businesses survive and should some businesses deserve to survive?


We start our podcast off with why are more black people dying of COVID than any other race. Then we discuss our views about why the lack of education and medical care is causing a huge disparity of deaths from COVID 19. Also are we looking to use this time to better yourself.


The team recaps issues over the last few weeks about impeachment, Democratic candidates and issues that are really getting under our skin. We touch the outrageous things that occurred this year. The numerous gaffs by Trump, Giuliani and his antics. And you already know tangents are required not optional.



The team goes backwards and talk about the candidates that are going up in the polls, dropping out of the polls and who is the person anyone can subscribe to. The focus really is on the people of color that aren’t doing well. And sadly how Kamala Harris imploded.

DEMOCRATS.jpg dems_polls_3.png

The team runs the table about the Facebook controversy and how social media should be held to a higher standard like regular media. We also ask the question about Hillary Clinton giving her opinion about Tulsi Gabbard as a Russsian implant and is the Democratic Party going back to eliminating people they don’t like.


September 24, 2019

Is America beyond repair?

The team jump backs in and discuss the electorate either being complacent or is America truly a racist or naive society. Frustration and unbelief seems to be the weekly feeling with the Congress and executive branch with their chaos and being uncooperative on a weekly basis


The team starts off with traveling and seeing and experiencing the differences in a certain region as well as their different ideologies. Politics is center stage where you are from and do we favor the familiar or are people looking for the best candidates. and the Democratic debate.




We jump off topic of politics and get into how media and information is changing with where we get it from. We give” E” his props for calling out Twitter as the go to place for news and info. And we had to comment on #blacktwitter. Our normal tirade was interrupted as we got into the positive and negatives of Twitter but also how ridiculous it could be.


The team debates how the candidates did at presidential debates for the democrats. We assess the front runners, the people who should drop off as well as the perception that women and many others are tired of the old white men running for office. Chaz goes with the comedian on stage analogy of who has the best new material that people can be gravitate to. Aaaaand what is it about Biden that is making people nervous?debate.jpg


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