This week we have different conversation about leadership in the black community compared to the 60’s and now. Has activism changed based on the people or is it because of social media and the class divide among African Americans?

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April 30, 2020

Tiger King (Netflix)

 So, this looked like it was going to be some silly animal activist redneck documentary that wasn't worth my time.  But some how, I started hearing about this guy Joe exotic that was plotting to kill people. So I sat down and decided to grin and bear this crazy so called king of the tigers.  Boy was I blown away.  It actually was so huge I wanted more.  Here's my take on this Netflix documentary of Joe Exotic, the Tiger King.



We start our podcast off with why are more black people dying of COVID than any other race. Then we discuss our views about why the lack of education and medical care is causing a huge disparity of deaths from COVID 19. Also are we looking to use this time to better yourself.


This episode a question is raised on with the different generations that lived through World Wars, Vietnam, Civil rights and assassinations. What will Millennials be remembered for other than avocado toast as well as entitlement during a time when chaos inner nation is overwhelming.




 Today I sit down and watch the second season of Netflix original series Kingdom. I couldn't wait to see the second season for this and it was another 6 part series. Once again a great fantasy period piece. Also did I say their were running zombies in here?


Growing up Alicia and I were big watchers of the Mr Rodgers TV show, So when they came out with a documentary as wells a motion picture of a portion of his life. We were interested in seeing it. Comparing the acting of the movie and the facts of the documentary was very interesting.


We finally find information that Chaz has been talking about for a while. The nation is separated and not only by our political views but our cultures that makes people see things differently.  We discover some things from Business insider about the 11 different nations within the United States that has certain views about how they live.  We debate the validity as well as some revelations about areas we haven't been to.


The team runs the table about the Facebook controversy and how social media should be held to a higher standard like regular media. We also ask the question about Hillary Clinton giving her opinion about Tulsi Gabbard as a Russsian implant and is the Democratic Party going back to eliminating people they don’t like.


The guys talk about traveling and what people are either saying about politics and how does people outside the United states see politics. We also talk about coastal politics based on East and west coast views.

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We jump off topic of politics and get into how media and information is changing with where we get it from. We give” E” his props for calling out Twitter as the go to place for news and info. And we had to comment on #blacktwitter. Our normal tirade was interrupted as we got into the positive and negatives of Twitter but also how ridiculous it could be.


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