Since we are in this Corona lock down, I had time to go back to 2019 and bring forward some beat makers,  producers that I didn't get time to touch.  One guy I was enjoying for a few years is Mndsgn (Mind Design) a Philippine, Jersey living, Cali living producer. I got caught up with his style once I listened to his 2014 release Yawn Zen.   Labeled under electronic, not really hip hop with his early releases. This latest release Snaxx has recovered beats from a hard drive that was supposed to be a full release from a 2018 mix tape.  I compare his music discography from then to now.

yawn_zen.jpg    snaxx.jpgmndsgnfeelb6b2t.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

Today I sit down with one of the youngest Solar professionals in the state of Georgia, Gustavo Arce. The sales director of Better tomorrow Solar. Being part of the LantinX community, I wanted to learn his path and how he continues to education people with sustainable energy as well as how this young entrepreneur is continuing his path to be great.


Our second review of comparing new EV vehicles to our Tesla M3 is the Jaguar I-Pace. We visit the Gwinnett location to take a look at the features as well as test drive the vehicle to see if this would be a good alternative to the upcoming Model Y.




This session on the Techbro Wino, I replacement my Roomba accessories for my Roomba 960. This will be the second time and I wanted to get a product that the filters wouldn’t wear out too fast. I’m giving this brand a try and see how it does.



I ran into one of my favorite producers from the early 2000's and found that he released a current LP that was in line with his previous releases.  Tadd Mullinix or Dabrye at that time was a talented producer from Michigan that did a lot of production with electronics and hip hop.  To pay homage to his career and to highlight his new release.  I wanted to review his previous releases.  Here's part 1

dabrye2.jpgDabrye3.jpg Dabrye1.jpg  Dabrye_instr.jpg

Tadd Mullinix or Dabrye is an American musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, also known by the aliases James T. Cotton and SK-1. During his adolescent years, he grew up in Troy, MI. His Winking Makes a Face was the first album released by Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International. Parting with the IDM sound of Winking..., the first Dabrye album was 2001's One/Three, whose take on instrumental hip-hop paralleled the work of artists such as Prefuse 73.

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