Pale straw with green highlights. Great nose of subtle white flowers mixed with white peach fruit. A lovely and intense wine with floral notes, peach and pear flavors.


This wine was a gift from a friend that we exchanged wines.  He has very expensive taste.  lol, this is a Pinot Noir from France.  Coming from one of the most expensive, rich region of Burgundy.  Here are some  notes:

  • 100% Pinot Noir, on clay, marl and limestone rocks.
  • Aged for one year on average, followed by several months in vats to stabilize the wine before bottling.
  • Brilliant ruby robe, raspberry. A striking nose, with an aroma of red fruit, blackcurrant. Fresh on the palate, with peppery notes

La Fussiere is a large Premier Cru vineyard at the very southern end of the Cote d'Or, within the Maranges appellation. It is located on the south-facing vineyard above the village of Dezize-les-Maranges, and is planted mainly to Pinot Noir with a small amount of Chardonnay as well


This is one of the featured wines from the Wonderful Wine. co.  This white wine from France is clean and mineral focused with notes of green apple, lemon curd, and running naked through a field of white flowers.



We finally get around to tasting the blue wine from Spain.  Since this is a sunny spring afternoon, it was a good time to pop it open and have a clear palate to see what I can compare it to.  Word on the street is it is too sweet and not a good regular drinking wine.  Well, I'll be the judge of that Mister.


May 14, 2020

The Decline (Netflix)

A fatal accident at a remote survivalist training camp sends participants into a panic - and sets the stage for a chilling showdown. Sounds good don’t it. Or does it. Well It starts off like a bunch of regular anarchist learning to survive out in the wilderness until some real f’ed up stuff happens and the main protagonist freakin dies. So how does this end? Its in French so the intensity of watching this closer is recommended. A Canadian movie as well


Bordeaux, France- A great value, this crisp Sauvignon Blanc features flavors of grapefruit and melon and a light body. The wine comes from the area known as Entre-Deux-Mers, famous for its dry white wines and works perfectly as an aperitif or with seafood. France, Bordeaux


Muscadet, Loire, France- What a bouquet! Vibrant aromas of lime, flowers, grapefruit, melon and fig in the bouquet. The palate follows the aromas with hints of red grapefruit and lime that finish with a refreshing crispness. 86 point rating


Vibrant red fruits such as strawberries and currants on the palate and an intense perfume . This masterful achievement shines with fresh and fruity raspberry and cherry liquor flavor. Light, soft, round and thoroughly delightful. This wine is a perfect accompaniment for cheese, charcuterie and traditional holiday fare


With an attractive touch of perfumed Muscadelle in the blend, this is a warm-hearted wine. Crisp and refreshing. Earthy herbal character suggesting bell pepper, green fruits and melons." Beautifully paired with sweet potato and quinoa fritters, pesto, lemon or cilantro sauces.

white_bordeaux.jpg bordeaux.jpg

Beaujolais, Burgundy, France- Le Nouveau est arrivée! Bursting with fresh berry notes, this delicious quaffer is fresh, easy-drinking and designed for fun. Perfect for your holiday parties and dinners, it will pair well with appetizers and poultry dishes. Santé!


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