So, Dark is a well written Sci Fi phenomenon. Even in German the complexities and time travel concepts are top notch. We pick up after the Apocalypse occurs in their small town in Germany. And a whole new sequence of events start out to uncover the true meaning behind the multidimensional love story between the two characters.


May 7, 2020

The Mire (Netflix)

An 80's Polish investigative Netflix series gets you deeper and deeper into a murder mystery that a small town tries to keep their secrets, secrets, while two contrasting reporters battle to find out what really happened while the other wants to clear his plate and escape this small town.


April 23, 2020

Hunters 2020 (Amazon)

We sit down this week to look at a show that I really didn’t think would be worth my while. I’m not a big fan of Nazi and Jewish history unless its a bit unique and interesting. So when I saw some of the reviews and being a big fan of Al Pacino. I decided to sit down to see this Nazi hunter show to see if I would be able to sit through the whole 10 episodes.


The finest and best known of Germany's white varietals.  Well balanced and slightly fruity, semi-dry. Harvested from select, very ripe bunches of grapes at the peak of maturity. This is a luxurious, sweet, and full bodied wine with a fragrant, noble, and fruity aroma.   A crisp and refreshing wine for seafood, chicken and salads


This unassuming Riesling offers a bounty of juicy, fruity enjoyment calibrated with hints of minerality and revitalizing freshness. Its semidry tangerine and apricot flavors are easygoing yet zesty, slicked in honey and a touch of graphite. The finish is brisk but clean


Edesheim, Pfalz, Germany- 100% Riesling grown on a single vineyard in the Pfalz, one of Germany's most exciting wine regions. Off-dry, crisp and zesty, with a lovely floral bouquet and a lively minerality balancing the vibrant citrus flavors. Enjoy with seafood, and spicy Asian fare


Dr. L Sparkling Riesling is 100% pure Riesling — the crisp, fruity grape that has made German wine famous for centuries. We make it using the Charmat method, where the second fermentation is done in a pressurized tank to keep the bubbles in the wine.

Grape Varietal: 100% Riesling
Alcohol Content: 12.0%
Residual Sweetness: 18.8 grams/liter  
Total Acidity: 8.5 grams/liter

[90] Wine Enthusiast

  Dr_Loosen.jpg  mosel_map.png

Earthy mineral notes are brightened by whiffs of white blossom and grapefruit in this subtly sweet Gewürztraminer. Soft acidity and feather-light texture add to its delicate feel. Drink now through 2019


The team gets together and discuss Trump creating Battlestar Gallactica/Star Trek force to protect space.  Yeah, thats what I said.  Also we talk about what the media is really doing this year compared to the previous year as well as Some of the decisions made by the supreme court.  We were a day late on the Kennedy resignation.  And we almost missed what went on during the G7 summit.  We alsp delve into the racist policies and discuss fear vs. racism.  A very interesting discussion.

media_news.png           media_news.jpg

   bee.jpg  kim-kardashian-donald-trump-meeting-twitter-social-hp-crop-1527781336.jpg


We took a few weeks off but get back into the issues just in time to run into topics such as pardons, entertainers going the Hell off, immigration and back to the NFL BS.  The team jumps right in and give out their unrehearsed, unsolicited candid opinions.

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