The team talks about the resurgence of racial violence and harassment that we didn’t think would be occurring during a global pandemic. Also is this isolation affecting people mentally to react in violent ways. Domestic violence, divorce, etc.

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March 19, 2020

The invisible man 2020

We et out to check out a movie that seemed so intriguing that we had to see it on the opening day. With Elizabeth Moss leading the cast, (we love her) we had to see this remake of the classic HG Wells novel.


December 26, 2019

Queen & Slim

This amazing love story layered with police violence and Black pride is a must see modern modified Bonnie and Clyde story without the gratuitous violence just for the hell of it. The writing, directing and acting was amazing.

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The Netflix series by Ava Duvenay about the tragedy inflicted on young teenagers named the Central Park Five.  This reenacted series about five young boys wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park back in 1989.  A 5 part series that spans the years they were convicted to 14+ years being exonerated of the crime.  Its a brutal view of the people of the justice system and the racist system that still exist today.  A very emotional series that is a must see for people who respects justice.


As a follow up from our last Podcast. We jump in to a topic that may seem pretty extreme but it has been going on for years with black professionals, artist and lately career opportunities. We discuss from 3 different perspectives. Under the current conditions in the United States. Should Millennials leave the country for safety and a different life?





We end this two part podcast discussion with a Republican or two having the small bit of integrity to ask for an investigation, a delay for a week for the FBI to investigate and with the Democrats showing up much more aggressive than usual. What are the chances for their presidential run?

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Part two of our REPO discussion gets into The hurricanes past and present and the misallocated funds. The Flipping of Manafort and Cohen is it relates to the possible indictment of Trump. And then we discuss a very controversial issue pertaining to the Kavanaugh confirmation and his High school alleged rape accusations.




The team discusses the impacts of Trumps upcoming lawsuits and the Facebook led selling of our data to Cambridge analytica.  We discuss what privacy means in this current era and should we continue to call it privacy


We went long on our last podcast episode of REPO, so we added this predictions podcast to a totally separate episode while adding in some weird opinions on what ever came to mind. UFO's, PBS and the sexual freaks on their network.


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