A lot of little buzz jumped up on my reviews about this Sundance winner. Not realizing it was a New York movie as well as filmed in Black and White. I had no expectations whether good or bad, but slightly more excited because it was written, stared and directed in this debut movie.  here's the synopses.  

A down-on-her-luck playwright thinks the only way she can salvage her voice as an artist is to become a rapper at 40.


Since we are in this Corona lock down, I had time to go back to 2019 and bring forward some beat makers,  producers that I didn't get time to touch.  One guy I was enjoying for a few years is Mndsgn (Mind Design) a Philippine, Jersey living, Cali living producer. I got caught up with his style once I listened to his 2014 release Yawn Zen.   Labeled under electronic, not really hip hop with his early releases. This latest release Snaxx has recovered beats from a hard drive that was supposed to be a full release from a 2018 mix tape.  I compare his music discography from then to now.

yawn_zen.jpg    snaxx.jpgmndsgnfeelb6b2t.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

April 27, 2020

Knxwledge 1988

Continuing with showing love to diverse producers, DJ’s, beat makers. The Laid back creative flow of Glenn Boothe aka - Knxwledge fell into my lap with his new 2020 release while trying to find a Corona Virus groove. My introduction to Knxwledge was his 2015 release HUD Dreams so this was a welcomed surprise. Thus finally getting to talk about this creative artist that caught my attention 2 years ago.


April 13, 2020

Tek Lun - DWEEB 2019

I didn’t do a review of Tek’s highly enjoyable “allow it” released in 2018. I wasn't feeling the earlier  EP release Blood, but now with the release of Dweeb. The B’more native has been moving forward with his sound so I wanted to hear what this one would sound like. He goes a different route and flavors his multi layer tracks with more vocals, trap beats and for sure his signature synthesized sound. At the same time I ran into his group NASA 8 so I had to show some love this year.

tek_2.jpgtek_4.jpg tek_1.jpg  tek_3.jpg nasa8.jpg



So Alicia and I was watching social media and a lot of stuff popping up with sports figures and entertainment people. It was a surprise when we saw the Lebron James commercial then what he had in his garage. Here’s our thoughts


September 22, 2019

Young Thug: So Much Fun

Sean and I jumps into one of my favorite southern rappers. This new release is full of features and Sean reveals the secret sauce. J. Cole produced album. Interesting review and our different perspective.


2 years ago, Sean introduced me formally to Big K.R.I.T  with his release "4eva is a mighty long time."  Now he drops something in this weak season of releases for us to digest and see how this release refers back to his 2010 mixtape "K.R.I.T Wuz Here".  Sean jumped in with this new release and clearly made me listen to this in my ride.  Not an in home listen


August 11, 2019

Brandon Banks - MAXO Kream

Sean introduces the new release by MAXO Kream.  The Houston story teller gets personal but for some reason still sounds familiar like a Quality Control production.  We jump on this 15 track release.


You already know we criticize Dreamville for lack of promotion and weak promotion.  But mad love to a lot of their artist and the King sitting on top J.Cole.  So this massive compilation release with so many surprises that I couldn't get to the end until I rewinded so many of these cuts that it too me a few days to take it all in.  Any way here it is.


Sean and I wanted to review the Smith children since they both came out around the same time.  First we give our take on Willow and a style that we weren't expecting to hear.  Also since she is more of a veteran than her brother.  We didn't know what we would get.  Then we drop in Jaden.  He had a few releases after his well received debut album (for the record, those other releases I was not feeling) So for 2019 we get a listen to another one of these long ass releases with long ass 4 min. average songs. 



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