December 3, 2019

Shadow Netflix (Chinese)

 We sit down and binged watched a few Asian films after seeing the movie Parasite and this Chinese epic piece showed up on my radar for suggestions on Netflix.  A secret plot with an ongoing war between two kingdoms comes to a head when one empire decide to use deception to gain power of the other with a hidden secret within their own camp.



Really big fans of the John Wick series. We couldn’t wait to go see Part # of the series. Alicia and I always go to the movies to see a John Wick film because its huge, has big excitement with how they are made. We were looking for a continued exciting movie experience and boy did it not disappoint.





This was odd. I decided to sit down and watch the 36 chambers of Shaolin series because the Wu Tang clan is out with their documentary. So to get a feel of what they based their group premise on. I sat and watched these movies in order.

  • The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

  • Return to the 36th chamber

  • Disciples of the 36th Chamber

  • Shaolin vs. Wu tang



shaolin2.jpg  shaolin3.jpg



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