After grabbing hold to numerous accessories I put on my Model 3. I started to look for some unique items for the car. This episode I install a natural air freshener that does great things for the environment as well. The company is called Scent Wedge and they come in a pack of scented (oil induced) wood wedges. I try them out while appreciating their environmental goal as well.



Today I get in my Chromotherapy light bulb and I go through the process with an easy install.  I will test for a few weeks then give feedback to the effects of the Therapy or none existence of the hype around it.  Basically, do I feel different when the lights are on me.  we will see.


This session is a cross between open box, health and tech. I put together and discuss my new tech buy. An Infrared Sauna. Not the hot stone steaming sauna but a hot relaxing direct heat sauna that has great benefits. I discuss my experience and advice I pass along.




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