This wine offers notes of baked buttered apples and cinnamon almost reminiscent of apple strudel, with hints of toasted almond. The palate is full and lush with balanced acidity. Notes of nutmeg and allspice and a touch of clove. Drink now through 2023.


April 23, 2020

Hunters 2020 (Amazon)

We sit down this week to look at a show that I really didn’t think would be worth my while. I’m not a big fan of Nazi and Jewish history unless its a bit unique and interesting. So when I saw some of the reviews and being a big fan of Al Pacino. I decided to sit down to see this Nazi hunter show to see if I would be able to sit through the whole 10 episodes.


The team returns with some perspective about the current conditions and how this pandemic will change the way we travel, the health care system, social gatherings, and the unintentional effect of cleaner air since there isn’t a lot of air traffic and road traffic of gas powered vehicles.


January 9, 2020

Bombshell 2019

Alicia and I go out to see a story that we didn’t follow to closely but based on the amazing actresses that stared in this movi=e we had to see. The taken down of Roger Ailes but the top tier women from Fox News.


December 19, 2019

21 Bridges

 So we get to see another Chadwick Boseman movie hoping we would see his talent or another action movie he can show off his Black panther power lol.  Anyway we goy none of that, just a retool cop drama about crooked cops and drug deals gone wrong and the one good cop in New York to save the day.. Yeah right.  But if you want action, you will get it.  Acting and story?  scroll through Netflix



The team starts off with traveling and seeing and experiencing the differences in a certain region as well as their different ideologies. Politics is center stage where you are from and do we favor the familiar or are people looking for the best candidates. and the Democratic debate.




The Netflix series by Ava Duvenay about the tragedy inflicted on young teenagers named the Central Park Five.  This reenacted series about five young boys wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park back in 1989.  A 5 part series that spans the years they were convicted to 14+ years being exonerated of the crime.  Its a brutal view of the people of the justice system and the racist system that still exist today.  A very emotional series that is a must see for people who respects justice.


Really big fans of the John Wick series. We couldn’t wait to go see Part # of the series. Alicia and I always go to the movies to see a John Wick film because its huge, has big excitement with how they are made. We were looking for a continued exciting movie experience and boy did it not disappoint.





April 3, 2019

Captain Marvel (Marvel)

So the long awaited lead female Marvel movie has arrived. We caught a glimpse at the end of Infinity wars but if you weren’t aware of the history. You had no idea what was coming. So this lead up was extraordinary but more of an origin story than fitting into the current MCU. Here’s our Take.



March 13, 2019

Can you every forgive me

Alicia and I are big fans of Melissa McCarthy so when she does something that catches our eye or something outrageous.  We make an effort to see her.  This being her first staring dramatic role, We had to see what she would do.  Based on a book written by Lee Isreal a well known writer who falls down on her luck and starts to make money off of deception


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