You should already know I’m a fan of Lupe. The last time I’ve heard anything from him was “Drogas Wave” in 2018. Very deep. and worth the listen just for the historic and spiritual side. But this EP attracted me because of the production by Kaelin Ellis which always grabs my attention. And of course the lyrical genius of Lupe. Outside of that take a listen to the commentary by Virgil Abloh as well. Pretty damn good.


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Since we are in this Corona lock down, I had time to go back to 2019 and bring forward some beat makers,  producers that I didn't get time to touch.  One guy I was enjoying for a few years is Mndsgn (Mind Design) a Philippine, Jersey living, Cali living producer. I got caught up with his style once I listened to his 2014 release Yawn Zen.   Labeled under electronic, not really hip hop with his early releases. This latest release Snaxx has recovered beats from a hard drive that was supposed to be a full release from a 2018 mix tape.  I compare his music discography from then to now.

yawn_zen.jpg    snaxx.jpgmndsgnfeelb6b2t.jpg IMG_0239.jpg

April 27, 2020

Knxwledge 1988

Continuing with showing love to diverse producers, DJ’s, beat makers. The Laid back creative flow of Glenn Boothe aka - Knxwledge fell into my lap with his new 2020 release while trying to find a Corona Virus groove. My introduction to Knxwledge was his 2015 release HUD Dreams so this was a welcomed surprise. Thus finally getting to talk about this creative artist that caught my attention 2 years ago.


April 13, 2020

Tek Lun - DWEEB 2019

I didn’t do a review of Tek’s highly enjoyable “allow it” released in 2018. I wasn't feeling the earlier  EP release Blood, but now with the release of Dweeb. The B’more native has been moving forward with his sound so I wanted to hear what this one would sound like. He goes a different route and flavors his multi layer tracks with more vocals, trap beats and for sure his signature synthesized sound. At the same time I ran into his group NASA 8 so I had to show some love this year.

tek_2.jpgtek_4.jpg tek_1.jpg  tek_3.jpg nasa8.jpg



July 8, 2019

B.O.B : Southmatic

This wasn’t something we really were waiting for after the mixed reviews of NAGA last year. But this really interesting throwback production was something that came out of no where. Lets see what Sean’s opinion is.

B_O_B-696x464.jpg  bob-getty-800x600.jpg

Almost fresh off our review of his last years critically acclaimed release Flower boy. We get this new change and feel from Tyler after he has done some commercial high viz projects. We review the new 12 track release Igor and debate its merits so to speak




I’ve been a fan of James Blake for years. With his odd sound but soothing voice that went with so much but not quite with anything. He made you listen for different reasons and some how you would hear him sprinkled in with some hip hop folks. His dark brooding sound that was heard for years could have been a precursor to the young depressed sound you some times hear today. But this new release has a tone that’s unfamiliar but quite refreshing. This is the evolution of James Blake with a touch of his hip hop buddies help.



I’m back to finish up my two part review of Dabrye/ Tadd Mullinix. His latest sparked me to go back and listen to his past work then reintroduce you to his current release. As part of my producer feature on CarrWaxx. We Focus on the latest and greatest (a matter of taste of course) These producers are just unique and away from the mainstream that one would hear on streaming services. Here is Three/Three


We end the 3 part review of the music awards for 2018 with a few reviews that we enjoyed based on the lyrical abilities of these artist.  Ending with the Album/Artist of the year, that doesn’t line up too well with the Grammy’s. Especially the crime of not including J. Cole.  Go back and reference the reviews for these nominee's throughout the year so you can see where we were with our predictions.

Part Three:
Slept on album of the year
Creative album of the year
Underground Lyrical Album of the year
Hip Hop Lyrical Album of the year
Album of the year


Welcome to the three part series of the music awards for 2018 .  We have your basic categories and the exceptional categories that we felt had to be added based on the artists contributions for the year.  Go back and reference the reviews for the nominee's but this year we have some of the listeners contribution which is a great addition to our review. Based on the Instagram poll from @bougieblacksean 

Part One:
Music Video of the year
Hip-Hop Documentary of the year
Hip-Hop Superstar of the year
South Album of the year
East Album of the year
West Album of the year


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