July 16, 2020

Killing Eve - Season 3

This time Alicia and I amp dead into season 3, yes we saw season 2. We enjoyed it to the extent that we had to wait until the whole 8 episode was over so we could binge watch the whole thing. This was a different presentation than the other two but worth watching as a fan


The team recaps issues over the last few weeks about impeachment, Democratic candidates and issues that are really getting under our skin. We touch the outrageous things that occurred this year. The numerous gaffs by Trump, Giuliani and his antics. And you already know tangents are required not optional.



July 24, 2019

Chernobyl (HBO)

We sit down and watch the mini series depicting the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia.  The gritty and powerful depiction of the events during that time was interesting and captivating.  The previews made me put this on the list of something Alicia and I had to watch




July 3, 2019

Anna 2019

Not our regular movie to go see but when I heard this was a Luc Besson action film.  I was going to at least check it out.  This action thriller of a Russian model /assassin tries to get her life back by doing jobs that would get her out of the KGB but keeps caught up with the CIA and her KGB handlers.


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