The Team gets together to discuss the so called Constitutional crises going on based on the Executive branch is using their power to usurp the authority of Congress or really the Democratic majority in the House of representatives. If Trump gets away with this, can this change the way we will govern from now on? Also the Abortion laws springing up around the country from numerous states

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We start off with our take on the foreign policy issues with the following scenarios. Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and China. We talk about the impact, the consequences and threats with taking on all these foreign policy issues all at the same time with the intent to distract everyone from the issues going on with the Mueller controversy. Also Chaz takes us into left field with the idea of what would the USA look like if we break us up like Europe. And states creating laws about abortions. Whats your thoughts?

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Today the team dives right into the Senate hearings on Brett Kavanaugh with Dr Ford the woman accusing Brett of sexual assault back in the 1980’s when they were both in prep school. The astounding contrast of both hearings is something we had to get out as soon as possible.


kavanaugh-accusers-3.jpg kavanaugh_hearings.jpg  

We roll into our next session about the state of the Democratic party and the Republican ability to sustain their messages.  Who will be the new Democratic leadership, who will be the presidential candidate and will the old guard step down and open the party up for new leadership.  We kinda end with quick news recap of the previous week.primary2.png     primaries4.jpg


The team returns and jumps on the dumb but controversial policy of trade tariffs and the American workers.  And for some reason, we can not get off criticizing the democratic party and how there is no strategy, message or candidate that will make any of us feel theres a chance. Sigh!!




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