This Tempranillo is produced with only 100% Tempranillo, the Spanish red wine grape that is as noble and historic there as the sport of bullfighting, this a young and bright un-oaked version shows the real essence of Tempranillo in its youthful state: fresh cherry and red berry fruit on the nose, with a palate that is classically soft, silky and savory and has hints of sweet fruit, easy acidity and gentle tannins.


Our next Wine club/subscription is Winc wines. I had this subscription before and stopped it because I had too many wines in my rack.  But this subscription is more to my liking.  4 bottles for $59 with free shipping over $50.  They can curate or you can choose.  This review are the wines I supplied info to them and they curated the wines for me.  Lets see if these were a good choice.


The team comes back to discuss the country opening up even when the corona virus isn't being tested on a consistent bases.  We discuss wherein masks and not wearing mask and how society has a split on what side you are on.  And the next question is, do we really have a president running the country? We end it with the Biden sexual assault charges

biden.jpg  masks.jpg

Our next Wine club/subscription is Splash wines. This goes a bit bigger with 15 bottle cases.  You choose the recommended case or build your own.  Lots of wine.  But are the the best quality and good price point you ask? Well, That's why I'm doing this review.


Mendoza, Argentina- Dense and concentrated with a deep red color. This wine offers a rich palate of plums and black cherries. Lively acidity and refined tannins linger for a long finish.  
Bonarda may refer to one of several grape varieties: Douce noir, known as Bonardain Argentina and Charbono in California.   Douce noir is a red Italian wine grape variety that has historically been grown in the Savoie wine region, but today is more widely planted in Argentina.


BRAND:  Cruz Alta
COUNTRY / STATE:  Argentina
REGION:  Mendoza
WINE TYPE:  Red Wine
VARIETAL:  Bonarda
STYLE: Concentrated
TASTE: Cherry, Plum
BODY:  Full-bodied
October 29, 2019

On The Road To Impeachment

The team gather all the previous news leading up to the evidence for impeachment and wonder if this feels more like a win than the Mueller investigation. We speak about the republican approach and is this really going to make a difference to impeach Trump or will the Democrats create a solid case.  Also what is Mitt Romney going to do with his party to impeach in the Senate.


September 16, 2019

YBN Cordae - The Lost Boy

Sean and I finally get to YBN Cordae and we discuss where he ranks with the freshman of the year and the type of release he has out right now. With the amount of features he has on this new release. do we really get to hear his talent?


Wine Advocate-Toro, Spain-"The palate is light to medium-bodied (for a Toro) with some fine-grained tannins, able to stand up to powerful food and lighter ones too...It developed some fresher notes, reminiscent of orange peel and later violets...Drinkable, pleasant and very good value."


We take our second trip in our Tesla to North Carolina and see how well the AP and FSD works on the road as well as how we can make our way through the Carolinas with our stops at the superchargers


We have been asked what happens if you have problems with your Tesla. I asked like what. Well, Flat tires, won’t start, screen, errors, hardware issues on the car. So the main thing that came to mind for me is there is no spare. So what do you do. We go into the options a Tesla owner has when it comes to these types of emergencies.

flat_tire.jpg slime.jpg 


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