From the Columbia Valley wine region in Washington state, this sweet Riesling features a torrent of fresh fruit flavors that will please any lover of the varietal. On the nose, you’ll find notes of green apple, tangerine, lemon and lime, followed by fresh peach and nectarine on the palate. With balanced sweetness and acidity, think spicy for your food pairings.  $21.99 from Bright Cellars

Nice melon and buttery feel to this Chardonnay.  The buttery feel is light and the oak doesn't take a front seat to the introduction to this nicely priced and pretty flavorful wine from the Miller Brothers.  great $8.99 price point as well from Naked wines.


September 18, 2020

2016 Bayshore Pinot Grigio

This California Pinot Grigio is a very good crisp white wine.  Slightly sweeter than the Italian version but really appropriate for the warm weather.  Melon, grapefruit flavors that pop when its slightly lower than room temperature.  Chilled takes away the flavor so take your choice.


This is one of the featured wines from the Wonderful Wine. co.  This white wine from France is clean and mineral focused with notes of green apple, lemon curd, and running naked through a field of white flowers.



August 22, 2020

Wonderful Wine co. (WINC)

The wonderful wine co.  bottles their wine with natural cork and lightweight glass, using eco-friendly production and shipping methods. They prioritize healthy grapes from organic vineyards whenever possible.  They do not need chemical additives or sugars to make their wines delicious. The wines are naturally low sugar, low carb, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, and vegan




Aromas of crystallized honey comb and dried apricot introduce the palate of this full yet subtle dessert wine. Soft notes of honeysuckle and ripe nectarine lead into a decadently long finish of vanilla bean and perfectly ripe white peach.  Late harvest wine is wine made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual. Late harvest is usually an indication of a sweet dessert wine.  Viognier have natural aromatics that include notes of peach, pears, violets and minerality

$20.00 from the SANTA YNEZ VALLEY


So I jumped out here and brought me and my buddy this Wine opening accessory and thought this would be cool to try out.  Even though the Better business bureau had a few complaints about it.  One of my viewers asked were there an easy way of opening up wine bottles and something I could recommend.  I'm ole school but I thought I would try this product because it looked pretty cool.  


A blend of primarily 90% Pardina, also known as Cayetana Blanca and Jaen Blanco, this grape is grown abundantly in northwest Spain even though it is not commonly known in the U.S..  It displays a lemon-gold color, with a subtle nose of pear and fennel, and flavors of citrus and subdued melon in a medium bodied, medium acid, fresh white that is excellent when cold. 


Soft and light on the palate, it's a dry wine with a tinge of sweetness - notes of honeysuckle, lemon curd, and stone fruit are balanced with vibrant minerality.

Region/Appellation Monterey
Country Hierarchy  Monterey County, Central Coast, California, USA
Grape/Blend          Gewurztraminer
Wine Style            White - Aromatic and Floral

A cheerful, translucid, lemon-yellow and slightly pétillant white wine, Vinho Verde literally means ‘green wine’ and is named after the northwest Portugese region from which it originates. 

It is typically a blend of various percentages of Alvarinho, Loureiro, Trajadura, and Pedernã (Arinto) giving it a charmingly light sparkle.


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